Below are some frequently asked questions which will give you some background information on Air Conditioning.
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  What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning for buildings can be divided into two categories, comfort cooling and close-control air conditioning.

Both types entail the control of temperature, with or without heating, but always with cooling, ventilation and air filtration. The quality of filtration and ventilation can vary to suit your requirements, but cooling is always an integral part and is necessary where a build up of heat inside a building will otherwise cause discomfort to the people inside or damage to property. It is the amount of water vapour in the air, which when coupled with warm air temperatures can make most people very uncomfortable. The hot sticky feeling- lethargy sets in and your clothing becomes very uncomfortable.
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Cooling not only reduces the air temperature, it also reduces the humidity, and this is what provides a comfortable atmospheric environment. Humidity control can be added to any air conditioning system, but to control humidity closely, requires a humidifier, some precise electrical/electronic controls. To provide close-control air conditioning you have to control both temperature and humidity levels. To accomplish this you often have to cool the air to reduce the humidity, then re-heat it so that the temperature is comfortable, then put more water vapour into the air to return the humidity back to acceptable levels. All this can be very costly not to mention a waste of energy if its not really needed. Only a few industrial processes, or very specific electronic equipment require close-control air conditioning.
  Who needs air conditioning?

Retail shops, offices, pubs, your sitting room at home. Air conditioning may be found in all these places and more. Air conditioning has been available in New Zealand for many years
  Why do I need air conditioning?

Chances are, you spend some time in a building with people, electronic equipment, lights, windows. All give off heat into the air, with the exception of windows which allow heat from the sun to pass through the glass and warm up your room. If you open up a window in the summer, you will let in humid, hot air, fumes and noise. You cannot remove this heat with fans because all that will happen is the problem will worsen and you will introduce more warm humid air. You could have air conditioning for your office, living room, workshop, bedroom, or shop for not as much as might imagine

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