What is Cooling and Heating Capacity?

‘Cooling capacity’ is the measure of an air conditioning system’s ability to remove heat from a room, thus making the room ‘cooler’.

The reverse of this gives you ‘heating capacity’ (i.e. an air conditioner’s ability to remove heat from outside and transferring this into the room).

Capacity in these instances is always measured using the rated conditions specified in the official document: Australian/New Zealand Standard: Performance of electrical appliances – Air conditioners and heat pumps (also known as ‘AS/NZS 3823’).

Generally the unit used for this measurement is specified in Kilowatts (kW).

What should I choose: a 'Wall Mounted' or 'Floor Standing' Split System?

Every home is different, and choosing the right air conditioner will depend on many factors that we can assesses during an on-site consultation.

Apart from the difference in features, capacity range and the appropriate location of the installation, in principle heating works better with a floor standing unit.

This is because the air is thrown out closer to floor level, reducing cold spots at your feet.

Ultimately, our experienced specialist dealers will ensure you make the best decision for the comfort of your home or business.

Do you provide after sales support?

We take pride in providing our customers with effective and efficient after sales support.

Our dedicated service team provides phone support for all technical queries, so you can expect prompt, professional guidance with any issues that arise and advice on any accessories to complement and enhance the performance of your product choice.

We also have an experienced team of fully qualified technicians, and a nation-wide network of authorised service agents who know your air conditioner inside and out. They are readily available to provide ongoing maintenance that ensures peak performance over the life of your system, with access to readily available spare parts warehoused right here for fast delivery.

I am worried about rising electricity costs. Are your heat pumps energy efficient?

Energy efficiency is an important factor when purchasing an air conditioner.

As air conditioning specialists, We invests heavily in research and development to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our products.

The professional selection and installation of Heat Pumps is the best way to provide energy efficient heating and cooling for your home.