Multi Room Heat Pumps

Need to heat and cool multiple rooms? Consider installing a Multi Room Heat Pump System! A Multi Room System connects multiple heat pumps (indoor units) to just one outdoor unit. Plus you still have the freedom to pick the style of heat pump best suited to each room in your family home from the living space to the children’s bedroom. A Multi Room Heat Pump System also means you can have individual temperature control for each room.

Multi Room Heat Pump System

Looking to heat and cool multiple rooms in your home with flexibility and individual control? While a standard heat pump system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, a multi room heat pump system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The perfect solution for Auckland homes with minimal outdoor space! With a multi room heat pump system you have the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area to keep you comfortable, without cluttering the exterior of your home.


With a multi room heat pump system, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor unit for each room. For example with our Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Range, you can choose a super quiet, low capacity unit for a smaller bedroom and a stylish, higher capacity unit for the larger living room. All these heat pump, high walls and floor consoles, are able to be connected to a single outdoor unit, rather than requiring one for each indoor – saving outdoor space.

Individual Control

All Heat Pumps on our multi room systems allow for individual control of air conditioning in each space, allowing the occupier to adjust the temperature to suit their comfort levels and ensure that it is only operating when needed.